Cribwolf Talks

#19 - In Review: Person-Centered Housing Solutions

November 28, 2022 Cribwolf Talks Season 2 Episode 19
Cribwolf Talks
#19 - In Review: Person-Centered Housing Solutions
Show Notes

Lino connects with the other Directors of Cribwolf Foundation, Sunil Balakrishnan and Matt George (Co-Founder) to review Cribwolf Talks’ very first webcast “Providing a Person-Centered Housing Solution” released a year ago. The trio revisit, reflect on, and provide expanded context for many of the important insights Bryan Keshen (President and CEO of Reena) presented in his candid discussion with Lino regarding the critical need for more multi-unit residential communities (MURC) for people with varied abilities.

How to access Lino’s original session with Bryan:
Watch at: Cribwolf Talks: Reena - Providing a Person-Centered Housing Solution - YouTube
Listen at: #7 - Providing A Person-Centered Housing Solution (

Host: Lino A. Fera
Guests:  Matt George & Sunil Balakrishnan
Production: Cribwolf Talks Team.
Music by: Dr. Ian Bates