Cribwolf Talks

#5 - Spotlight On Community Involvement

September 28, 2021 Cribwolf Foundation Season 1 Episode 5
Cribwolf Talks
#5 - Spotlight On Community Involvement
Show Notes

Lino is joined by two members of the Cribwolf Foundation Advisory Committee, Maggie Bates & Christine Mazurk-Fera. The trio take a closer look at the importance of community engagement for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  Topics include historical institutions, social network structures, relationship maps, benefits of social inclusion and the growing movement to a Multi-Unit Residential Community (MURC) with full community engagement.

Guests:  Christine Mazurk-Fera & Maggie Bates
Host: Lino A. Fera
Sound & IT  by:
Cyber Stream
Music by:
Dr. Ian Bates
Production: The Cribwolf Team